2,500.00 for 1 month

1 hr



Daily 1 Hour (Monday to Friday) Only Profit You Academy Center Policy :- Its Unique Concept We launch in stock market Industry, where you can earn from stock market business without investment. Anyone who are interested in stock market / stock market business or any other business can be apply for it. It’s service where you can introduce your prospect client, where we will post our research report ,BUY & SALE calls about stock, commodity, currency and other financial, IMP News which you never see in TV media. Your introduce prospect Clients will open account under your Center only and join our academy for learning Because of that you will get new client and we will get students If your prospect Clients which you introduce to us & if he/she directly want to open ac with us ,still that ac will registered in your Center only. Once Clients added in your group It will only your clients. We are not interested in your clients we are only interested in our teaching and learning business. So it will get benefit to each other’s business Note:- Applicant should be our client or student only Only admin can post message Only 5 students can be select after objective Test from 1 center every Month each segment each module Message posting rights reserved So No spamming No junk msg, No GM GN, To subscribe, book your appointment to get a call from our executive for confirmation of your services.

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